I'm very happy to announce my NEW Solo Album... 

✨ 'Shimmer into Nature'  

Out on 19th October 2018!! 

Available now for pre-order, the single 'Shim' is available to listen to on Spotify/iTunes 

 (or free download when you pre-order the album!) 


 Ed Wynne - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Drum Programming, 

                          synths, Bass & Acoustic Fretless Bass  

Tom Brooks - Bubbles 

Paul Hankin & Neil Longhurst - Percussion 

Natan Mantis - Blip Flippery 

Silas Neptune - Nature Sounds 


 Artwork by prolific English psychedelic artist John Hurford.


“The idea is to transport the listener to a place where the everyday ups and downs of the world dissipate, leaving the mind free to wander through a colourful, omnidirectional  guitar and synth driven musical landscape for a while, landing eventually, hopefully freshly charged, with a smile and a calmer spirit.”

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